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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Grand Theft Auto V/Mod

 Grand Theft Auto V/Mod

Grand Theft Auto V/Mod
Grand Theft Auto V/Mod

2. Base Mode


The tool used to install the mod. This tool was created in Grand Theft Auto IV and can be used in Rockstar games after GTA 4. On June 15, 2017, Rockstar Games asked to stop distribution due to legal issues, and OpenIV almost disappeared at one time, but on June 24, 2017, it was resolved and is being distributed again. From simple things such as vehicles, weapons, skins, and sounds, to maps and vehicle handling, you can also edit important files in the game.

Script Hook V

dll file required to use most script mods. It is updated whenever the game is updated, and a new version is usually released within a week [1] after the update. On June 21, 2017, OpenIV almost got a legal action from Rockstar Games, so distribution was stopped, but on June 24, 2017, OpenIV resumed distribution, and the update resumed. After entering the site, click Download in the 4th column to download it, unzip it, and put the files in the bin folder into the folder where GTA 5 is installed to complete the application. Also, Native Trainer is included when unpacking, and you can run it by entering the game and pressing F4. And you can move using the number pad.[2] It cannot be used in GTA 5, which I received from Epic Games, and was only available on Steam, but a compatible version with Epic Games was released on May 26, 2020.

Script Hook V .NET

A script that must be installed when using a script mode in a different path that is not a script hook.
RAGE Plugin Hooks

A plug-in required to use the LSPDFR mods and submods described below. Like Script Hook V, if the version supported by the plug-in and the actual version of the game are different, it will not run at all, so when the game is updated, you have to wait until the plug-in is updated or deactivate the mode. There is this. Unlike Script Hook V above, cracked versions of the game are not supported.

Mod Community List


A modding community that was created after the PC version was released. Most of the current GTA 5 mods are posted here. There are also a few Korean modders.

A community with a long history. Mods for all GTA series released for PC are listed. In the GTA 5 part, I tend to be behind the GTA5-Mods described above, but if you need mods from other series such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, this is the place to go.

Liberty City

Similar to GTAInside, a Russian site where mods for all GTA series for the PC version are uploaded. Although less well-known compared to GTAInside, some series, such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, are on par with GTAInside.[4]


The community famous for mods from the Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series, there are mods for GTA 5, but the FOV mods that have been out for a long time are still in the hotfiles because they haven't been activated well.


A community developed and operated by a group called G17 Media. This is where LCPDFR and LSPDFR were developed, and mainly police-related skins and script modes are uploaded by users.


A place with a long history as the largest community in the GTA series. It's basically a forum, so game-related discussions and information are usually uploaded, but mods are also posted occasionally. Because of this, GTA YouTubers have been controversial because they denied the beta version data discovered here.


All GTA series mods are up. However, since the mods are not categorized by series, it is inconvenient to find mods.


It is divided into weapon performance improvement mode, weapon skin mode, and gun noise mode. In the case of weapon skins, converted weapons from other FPS games are mainly uploaded, and sometimes melee weapon skins are also produced.

In the case of improving weapon performance, it is also a form of modifying in-game files. The weapon system of this work was created because there are problems that there is almost no recoil, the reload speed is unrealistically fast, and the damage is low.
Refined Weapons and Gameplay
The mod with the most downloads among weapon performance improvement mods. Each weapon has its own recoil and damage according to the caliber of the bullet, and the magazine capacity and ammunition capacity have been realistically adjusted. By reducing the bullet velocity, it improved the bullet velocity, which was the same as the vanilla hit scan, and improved accuracy such as decreased accuracy, improved FOV, increased range, increased explosive range, and decreased reload speed. The AI ​​also improved the accuracy of NPCs and modified their behavior in battle. As an option, there is also an option to change the weapon name to a virtual name using the in-game brand name.[5] However, this is a modification of the language subtitles, but Korean is not supported, so if you want to use it, you will be forced to play the English version.
Rippers Realism
Together with the above mods, it forms two major mountains of weapon performance improvement mode, and ranks second in downloads among weapon improvement mods. The main functions of the grenade launcher are that when the grenade of the grenade launcher hits the ground, it explodes immediately instead of bouncing, or the number of weapons that can be used in the vehicle increases, recoil increase, damage adjustment, muzzle flame addition, bullet speed, object penetration, etc. However, there is a bug. In the story mission 'Irritated Ron', you have to shoot the light with a sniper rifle to turn it off, but there is a bug that it does not turn off no matter how much you shoot. It's been around for a long time, but it's still not fixed.

specific game related

In this work, it has become very difficult to completely change the modeling of a specific character. However, as of 2017, there are a lot of mods that change the appearance of the character itself, and the high-quality character mods have increased considerably due to the activities of JulioNIB, who is famous for high quality mods.
Super Saiyan IV Son Goku Mod
Ironman V
The famous Iron Man mod, developed by JulioNIB. This person developed and released an Iron Man mod called Ironman IV in GTA 4, so this mod can also be seen as an extension of Ironman IV. You can choose and apply a variety of Iron Man suits such as general Iron Man suits, War Machine suits, and Hulkbuster, and it provides flight and various weapons [7] like Iron Man. Also, the first-person view is designed to feel like wearing a real helmet, whether the player is wearing Iron Man's helmet.
Hulk Mode
flash mode
Ghost Rider Mode
superman mode

download page
This mod was released in October 2016, and this is also a mod developed by JulioNIB. In fact, there were other Superman mods even before this mod came out, but in fact, compared to this mod, the quality is a bit disappointing. And it shows a very exciting appearance whether it is based on Man of Steel rather than the original Superman series starring Christopher Reeve. Character models include the Man of Steel version of Superman, the DC Universe Online version of Superman, and the Man of Steel version of General Zod.
Thanos mod
The abilities of each Infinity Stone are well embodied. Examples include throwing a meteor, blasting energy with a power stone, and manipulating matter with a reality stone. The Time Stone is a pity. It is paid.

graphics related

Among GTA 5 mods, it has a large number of mods and is very popular. Mainly, vehicle mod patching methods are divided into replace and add-on.

The add-on is a bit unusual, but it is added directly to the game in the form of DLC rather than using an external script. However, in general, the number of vehicles that can be added is limited, so the modified gameconfig.xml file must be applied to add as desired. #

Unlike the add-on method, where you just need to add a vehicle mod in DLC format, the replace method is a method that literally 'replaces' the mod file over the vehicle's file in the game. prefer the method

There are various vehicles such as Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren, BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Cadillac, Renault, Dodge, Tesla, Toyota, Nissan, etc. there is.

Of course, in addition to the mods that add vehicles from real companies mentioned above, there are many lower-friendly mods that add vehicles that match the GTA universe. If you look for it, it is quite diverse, and among them there is a car brand that fans have accumulated and created as a kind of doujin setting. If you prefer a mod that fits the game's worldview, it's not a bad idea to look for it.

The vehicle mode is converted using G-Modeler, a 3D modeling program, and the original source of the vehicle is a 3D model of a vehicle from various racing games such as Forza Motorsport, Aceto Corsa, and Grid 2, or sometimes a paid 3D model depending on the skill of the creator. There are some users who purchase models from the site and convert them, and a small number of talented people create 3D models themselves.

Of course, there is also a handling improvement mode. The handling of this game is arcade compared to the previous game, and vehicle destruction has become less realistic. Also, because the top speed is limited, users are improving it themselves. It is produced by editing the handling.meta file.
Semi-Realistic Vehicle Physics V
It improves the vehicle's suspension, handling, and crashes, and improves top speed, making it possible to drive more realistically. It is a bonus to reduce turbulence during flight. However, as you can see from the title of the mod, it wasn't completely realistic, and it kept it moderately arcade. However, except for sports cars, the top speed feels a little uniform, and it is a pity that some of the DLC vehicles only have suspension modifications without top speed improvement. In fact, it is a historical test that implements the speed limiter, and besides, the creator has abandoned the update for personal reasons, so only the Low Rider 2 update vehicle is supported.
Realistic Driving V

Handling improvement mod made by Killatomate, who also made the handling mod for GTA 4. Just like in GTA 4, this mode pursues realism, modifying the performance of all vehicles individually to match the actual vehicle based on them, improving the collision physics, and realistically modifying the braking distance. This made driving very difficult. Recommended for players who value realistic aspects. The update has been suspended for a while, but has recently resumed and supports the latest updated vehicles. For reference, there is a realistic version and a scaled version, but the realistic version is a version that literally increases the maximum speed as much as the base vehicle ability (400kph in the case of the Bugatti Veyron-based Trufade Ether). Degree) [10] You can think of the scaled version as showing a slightly limited performance than the actual maximum speed (in this case, the speed of ether is about 250 kph).
If you applied the realistic maximum speed of the above mode in the mission I fought the law, you have to deal with the supercars Cheetah and Entity XF, which can easily pass 300KPH with the F620, a coupe that hardly changes after 250KPH.
Vehicle Handling V
The only major handling mode that has been updated to this day. It is realism oriented. However, since it is tailored for controller play, when playing with the keyboard, some vehicles have severe burnout when starting, so please note that operation is inconvenient.[11] In addition to handling, realistic depictions of the car being crushed in a collision are also supported. But after the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit DLC, they declared that there will be no more updates.
This is a mod pack for vehicles that appeared in the previous work. Since it is added as an addon, it must be spawned through a trainer. You can also use mods to make them appear in traffic. Vehicles in this mode were scheduled to appear in this work, but were deleted for unknown reasons, and derivative models of the original car made by the creators and their own vehicles [12]. For reference, even if you install this mod alone, vehicles in that mode or vehicles that only appear online appear as traffic.
Vanillaworks Extended Pack
Lower-Friendly Vehicle Pack. Based on the actual vehicle, the brand and design are changed in a GTA style, or variations of existing vehicles are added.

For example, the Vulcar Warrunner and Benefactor Glendale will add a two-door coupe model in addition to the existing four-door model, and the Barracks, which existed only for military use, will also have a civilian version named Sturdy. In addition, there is a high-end variation of the stanier called Zerconium Hades, which seems to be based on Mercury Marauder. The Emperor ETR1 and Progen Tyrus are added to the road version, and the Benefactor Strater and Vapid Sandking are also added to the regular version with a lowered height.

It can be used in any combination with IVPack, World of Variety, and Realism Dispatch Enhanced mods, and can even appear in traffic. If you install all these mods and additionally install a mod that allows online vehicles to appear in traffic, you can enjoy the lively streets of Los Santos, not the existing GTA traffic system where several identical cars appeared, but from time to time, Realism Dispatch There is a bug that causes the Enhanced mode to crash as soon as you press the story mode when applied, so it is recommended not to install the RDE mode until further notice.
Dispatchworks Pack
Various types of police cars and emergency vehicles are added. Unlike RDE, it is a method that only adds vehicles and does not appear automatically even if the wanted level rises, so you have to manually edit the game file.
Foodworks: Food Delivery Pack
A variety of food delivery vehicles and motorcycles are added.
Project FromThePast (Add-on)
This is a mod pack that brings the vehicles that appeared in GTA3 to the graphics of GTA5. As the name suggests, it is added as an add-on, so it must be spawned through a trainer.
Windscreen Wipers
A mode that activates the wiper attached to the vehicle in case of rain. In fact, Mafia 2 is the only open world game in which the wiper works. It is rare among racing games except for the simulator series. Some of the original cars do not have wipers, so you need to use this mode to attach wipers to these cars.
Enhanced Train Driver
A mod that allows you to drive a train.
Train Simulation Mod
Train driving mode with more advanced features than the above modes, such as custom GUI, realistic deceleration, etc.
Realistic Trains (Longer Trains)
If it's short, it's a mode that organizes the original freight train, which was about 10 cars if there were as many as 4 cars, to about 20 to 80 cars in length. The city tram that runs through downtown Los Santos and the underground will also increase the number of trains from two to eight. Sometimes, only two locomotives move around without a wagon. For your reference, missions in which trains appear (Derailed-Korean translation name derailment, etc.) may not proceed properly, so it is necessary to deactivate the mode before playing the mission.
If you are blocked by a train of such a ridiculous length at a railroad crossing, you have to wait for more than a minute...
AddonVehicle Spawner
This is a mode that allows you to easily summon vehicles added as an add-on from the menu without having to enter their names individually. Just add it as an add-on, and it will be automatically recognized and displayed in the menu.

In reality, it is a mode where you can experience an autonomous vehicle that is still in the development stage. It is perfect to use when driving is cumbersome because the destination is too far away, or when you want to see the surrounding scenery while driving.
As the name suggests, this mode allows you to adjust the size of the vehicle's suspension and wheels in various ways. Not only the suspension, but also the camber angle can be adjusted. If you want to make stanska or pippuka, this is a good mod to try.

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